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I often find in my interaction with others that there is a vast misunderstanding of the Power of Nakshatras! Many only attempt to use them predictively to further define the details of specific concrete predictions. But should we go through life only understanding ‘What’ and negating ‘Why’? Whilst Nakshatras can serve us predictively, in only working with them in this manner we are using less than 1% of the potential for which they are intended.

The Nakshatras are considered the wives of the Moon. Mythologically, it is the consort of a deity that carries the shakti, or power or energy, of the deity! If you think of it, the Moon is responsible for the rise and fall of the tides! In a similar fashion it is responsible for the rise and calming of the tides which flow within the modulations of our sensory mind. The Nakshatras carry out this pull on our psyche to cause us to work through the karmic drama we are each involved in.

The Moon is Manas, our Consciousness or Sensory Mind, which is used amongst other things to perceive experiences and develop a reaction based upon our perception. The Moon reflects the Light of the Sun, the Atman which on an individual level is the jivatman or individual soul. The Moon either reflects this light clearly and strongly, or wanes in its capacity to do so. The Moon in simplicity relates to our capacity to grow our being! So, the Nakshatras define how this is done in regard to the component that is placed within them!

This gives them a vast propensity for use therapeutically as the tools with which to grow the karma of a particular factor are deeply defined by the Nakshatras! That is why I have decided to start a series of Weekly Webinars entitled The Esoteric and Therapeutic Secrets of the Nakshatras. Each Friday, starting 8th March at 9 pm London Time, we will cover the mysteries of each Nakshatra starting with Ashwini and working our way through to Revati. Each class will briefly touch on the qualities of each Nakshatra and what it means for the individual growing their experience of consciousness through this Nakshatra. Not only will this help you to understand how to work with each nakshatra, but also it will give you a deeper understanding of what each nakshatra is truly about

These Webinars are open to individual registration, which means you can register for one or all of them individually! But should you desire, you can also now register for all the classes in full or by semester. These fees cover the recordings of previous classes as well so you can catch up on what you might have missed and works out as more affordable in the long run! Please note that registration by semester entitles you to the recordings for that semester. For instance, if you register for the second semester, but wanted the additional class recordings from the first semester, an extra fee would be required. I have added an option below which reflects this. Three individual dates at a time will be listed for individual registration. A new one will be added each week! Each class is $40 for registration. The full course fee is adjusted weekly to pro-rate the live classes you may have missed. The class will be recorded to video and made available for download and review along with the weekly powerpoint.

Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here.

To register for the webinar of your choice, please click on the appropriate button. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make contact.

I hope you will join us!

To learn more prior to registration about the connection between the Nakshatras in general, the Soul, Mind and Evolution through the Video Playlist Below!

Second Semester Plus First Semester Recordings


Second Semester Only Option


Individual Class Payment Option

Individual Class Payment Option

Individual Class Payment Option



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