Precision astrology requires an accurate birth time. The more fine tuned a birth time, the more accurate the prediction and interpretation can be. So, just what is an accurate birth time? Is a time frame of within five minutes sufficient? Well, maybe so dependent upon the techniques you wish to use and the information you are trying to extract from the chart. But a truly accurate birth time is accurate within seconds. As an astrologer, I often hear ‘my birth time should be accurate. It’s what was written on my birth certificate.’ Let’s analyse this statement for a moment.

When exactly would a doctor or midwife have a moment to note the time of birth? Certainly not immediately after the child’s birth in most instances! They are tending to the newborn and to the mother. Additionally, who is to say that the time on the doctor’s watch or the hospital clock is accurate in the first place? As we all know, different clocks can show different versions of the time. An astrologer is concerned less with clock time and more with astrological time. So, why ask for birth time in the first place? In most instances, the birth time is close to the astrological time. And just what is astrological time? A good way to answer this might be to say that it is a way of associating the position of the planets in relation to the birth of the individual. Its precision can be judged by analysing whether or not the events in an individual’s life match up with their chart. When it doesn’t it is helpful for the birth time to be rectified.

How then to do this? Many astrologers rectify by Vimshottari Dasa, the planetary periods of Vedic Astrology. But the planets can indicate so many things. So, we need a much more precise system, especially if we are going to analyse the varga charts. And any intensive assessment of a horoscope should contain such an analysis.

I have been asked by students when I might teach a course on rectification for a while. And I have finally decided to do so. The technique that I use is based upon a precise system of ‘Trigger Transits’checked against at least 5 vargas for each event in an individual’s life. Over the duration of this course, I will be covering this technique using extensive example charts, teaching techniques with which to rectify a birth time with either a recorded time or without one. And something that is really excellent about this is that once you have taken this course, you will have also learned a technique with which to potentially predict events down to the exact day using transits.

The fee for this Video Course is $175. This is the video taken from the Webinar Course taught earlier this year. And in total, there are over 23 hours of video available which covers the information listed below. Purchasing the course also entitles you to membership to my Vedic Astrology Forum where you can present any questions which you may have about the information presented on the course. If you would like to watch the first class of the course free of charge, please feel free to do so below. But also be aware that it does not present the full technique as that is laid out over the entire course series.



Files for the course are stored on a private cloud folder. Upon purchase, please allow up to 24 hours to receive the link which will enable you to download the videos to your device (after all, I may be sleeping!). Many times it will only be a few hours. Should you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to Contact Me.

There are 16 video files of approximately 90 minutes each. In addition to the Course Videos, the Course Folder also contains PowerPoint Documents of Course Information. If you are interested in purchasing the course, I am presently handling the payments through an invoice with a clickable link. Simply Contact Me with your desire to register and information on whether or not you prefer to purchase the full course, or purchase it in two parts. I will forward you the invoice accordingly. Many thanks!


Some of the information and techniques to be covered on the course are as follows:

  1. Predicting Events with Transits
  2. Broad Activation by Transit
  3. Trigger Transits
  4. Birth Time Rectification with Recorded Birth Time
  5. Rectification when the Ascendant is Known
  6. Rectification with No Recorded Birth Time
  7. Plus More


To register for this course, please click on the appropriate button below. I will personally respond within 24 hours to confirm and forward you the relevant links. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make contact. I will need the following information for the compilation of your charts:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time of Birth (if known)
  • Location of Birth

I hope you will join us!



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