In understanding the horoscope and life path of an individual, it is vital to have a decent understanding of the foundation behind it! For that, we need an understanding of the unique karmic factors which created the need for incarnation! Whilst knowing this in totality is a daunting task no astrologer could fulfil in perfection, even an inkling of this information fosters a greater level of Self-Understanding. Many clients approach astrology from a predictive perspective. And whilst a good astrologer can predict things to a decent level of accuracy, it is also important to note the root cause behind the situation. I like to explain prediction as addressing the symptoms and therapeutic astrology as treating the root cause of any problems. And in order to excel at therapeutic astrology, it is important to have an understanding of Rahu and Ketu, the key karmic factors in the horoscope!

Rahu and Ketu seem to be the horoscope factors students of astrology are most fascinated by, but equally at a loss of how to interpret! Of course they are! After all, they are shadowy planets. Whilst this two class webinar is not designed to be a full course in Rahu and Ketu, it will show some simple techniques with which to develop a deeper understanding of the unique karmic factors that brought you to this moment in time, or indeed your client to the very same place! In addition, it can help to provide you with the keys needed to do the self work necessary to improve upon your life, by resolving the karmic factors present!

This two class webinar series will take place on 28th January and 4th February online. Pre-registration is necessary in order to attend! The fee for registration is $125. Attendees who wish to do so may submit their birth information if they are agreeable to their horoscope being used as a potential example chart. Please note that I cannot interpret Rahu and Ketu’s position in the horoscopes of all attendees, only a select few. By submitting your information and stating that you are okay with me using it, you are authorising your horoscope to be used as an example. A Basic Level of Astrological Knowledge is recommended (Signs, Planets, Houses and Dignity). Attendees will need to download Zoom Web Conferencing, a free webinar tool by Clicking Here! Each class will be recorded to video and uploaded to a folder which will be made available for download, along with class PowerPoint presentations, to all attendees. All attendees are also eligible for membership in my Astrological Forum where questions my be posted in between Classes and answered either by email or at the beginning of the following class.

Some of the Key Points to be Discussed on this Webinar Series are as follows:

  • The Importance of Rahu and Ketu’s Dispositors
  • Key Karmic Issues Created by Rahu and Ketu’s Signs
  • How Rahu and Ketu Focus Their Energy Upon the Bhavas and House Cusps they Conjunct
  • The Position of Rahu’s Dispositor from Rahu and the Ascendant
  • The Position of Ketu’s Dispositor from Ketu and the Ascendant
  • Plus More as Time Allows

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