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Now available as a video course, available for purchase and immediate download in four segments of 3-4 classes each! Details Below!

Doing excellent predictive astrology is reliant primarily on confluence! Things happen astrologically when planets share an agenda and either have the strength to create the desired result, or are afflicted to the point that they destroy the agenda that they share! Astrological Common Sense determines what can make a strong or weak planet! In addition to this, the Avasthas of Vedic Astrology contribute in a strong manner to either the strength or weakness of the indicated factors. From there, we merely need to look at what planets share as an agenda to determine the fruits of the horoscope during a particular time period. On this Video Course, I will cover all of these points so you can learn how to make accurate predictions about concrete things through the use of Vimshottari Dasa! A Level 2 Webinar Course starts Sunday 24th March with a potential Level 3 course to follow.

This course is available in four segments ranging from 3-4 classes each, priced from $38-$54. Each segment contains a PowerPoint for review alongside the videos. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology is recommended.

Enrollment in the course also entitles you to membership to my Vedic Astrology Forum where you may post questions for me to answer regarding class or any other enquiry related to Vedic Astrology.

Here are some of the things that are covered in the course.

  1. Astrological Common Sense Through Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
  2. The Importance of Rasi Aspects
  3. Jaimini’s Second Source of Strength
  4. Creative and Destructive Planets
  5. Deeptaadi Avasthas – How the Planets Feel and Make Us Feel
  6. Balaadi Avasthas – The Fertile and Decaying Maturity of the Planets
  7. Jagradaadi Avasthas – The Awareness with Which the Planets Operate
  8. The Ways in Which a Planet Can Create
  9. Mutual Agenda of the Planets
  10. The Levels of Vimshottari – What Each Level Does
  11. Plus More!

To purchase, please click on the appropriate button for the section you wish to buy, you will then be directed to s secure page where payment can be made and receive a link for downloading the relevant materials! Many thanks!

Part 1

Contains Classes 1-4 of the course along with the relevant Powerpoint Document. On this part of the course, we learned How to Judge a Welfaring Bhava, the Factors that Create a Lost Bhava, How Planets Produce and How to Judge Them!


Part 2

Contains Classes 5-8 of the course along with the now complete Powerpoint. On this part of the course, we learn the Functions of the Various Dasa Levels, the Technique for Working with Mutual Agenda of the Planets to Determine What Event Will Happen and When, How to Read the Mahadasa and How to Read the Mahadasa and Antardasa Together!


Part 3

Contains classes 9-12 of the course along with the complete powerpoint. In this section of the course, we further our practice of Mutual Planetary Agenda using the Mahadasa and Antardasa and working with horoscopes of prominent people. We then introduce working with the Mahadasa, Antardasa and Pratyantar Dasas and practice with those as well!


Part 4

Contains Classes 13-15 of the course along with the complete powerpoint. On this part of the course, we practice further with the Mahadasa, Antardasa and Pratyantar Dasas using Mutual Agenda between the three! We also work with my horoscope for those who are interested and had the students predict certain events in my life!



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