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New! Updated Nakshatra Interpretation Webinar Course – An Extensive Live Course in Nakshatra Techniques

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Michael Reed, Counselling AstrologerAlthough this course starts next March, an early bird discount of 15% is available is you register by 11th December, 2017. Please see below for reduced fees. This class is likely to fill quickly.

The Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology are multi faceted! Each Nakshatra has several different qualities that are accented by their interaction with a planet or a house cusp. Most astrologers acknowledge that there is more evidence of their usage pre-dating the use of Rasis (signs) within the Vedic system of Astrology. They are mysterious and complex! And though there is confirmation of their knowledge dating back to the Rig Veda, itself dated to approximately 1900 BC, there is little written information on how to use the Nakshatras in horoscope analysis. Knowing the Nakshatras does however allow for more colour and detail to be give to Horoscope Analysis. In short, the Nakshatras define how we grow our consciousness in relation to the factors that are placed within them.

The Nakshatras are known as the wives of the Moon, the Lord of all things Subjective, the planet responsible for our sensory mind or Manas. It is our sensory mind with which we navigate our experience of Consciousness. It defines how we relate to our experience of the Universe, how we feel, our outlook upon the world we encounter as we resolve our karma. In short, understanding the Nakshatras can also help us to understand the complexity of a human incarnation. The deeper we explore them and the more we employ techniques that allow us to interpret them in a horoscope, the more empathy and therefore compassion an astrologer is able to have for his client. Additionally, they are the most profound tool that I have ever encountered for self-analysis, self-acceptance and self-development.

Nakshatras are currently undergoing a huge renaissance. In 2016, I taught an extensive course on the Nakshatras. But since then, I have developed a few different techniques that have allowed me to use them with greater accuracy and efficiency. I have been asked when I would teach a Nakshatra Course again. So, I figured with these new techniques, it would be good timing! The length of this course is to be at least 44 weeks in length, with the potential of extra classes being added at the end of the course should it be necessary in order to complete the syllabus. I don’t want to rush information. The intent here is to be very thorough! If extra classes are added, there will be no extra fee. This course will use example charts regularly.

Fee for the course is $899 and may be paid in full at the time of registration or by trimester at a fee of $329 per trimester. Second Trimester Fees due by 17th June, 2018 and 7th October, 2018. There is an early bird discount available to those who register prior to 11th December 2017. The early bird fee is $764 for the full course. Or if you wish to pay by trimester, you may secure your space with the first trimester payment of $279.

This course will be taught over consecutive Saturdays starting 24th March, 2018 and will continue through 2nd March 2019. We will be taking a break for the holiday season with our final class before the holidays being 17th November, 2018 and we will resume classes on 5th January, 2019.Class time will be from 6:30-8 pm London Time. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit . This time has been chosen with International consideration and in balance with my own schedule. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology is recommended. But should you wish, this course can be taken as a complement to my Foundational Level Course which will teach you the fundamentals! Please be sure to enquire about a special offer for taking both! I hope you will be able to attend!

Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here. All classes will be recorded and a copy of each class made available within  a few days of class for review by students. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you will have a video recording of the material you might have missed. Enrollment in the course entitles you to membership to my Vedic Astrology Forum where you may post questions for me to answer regarding class or any other enquiry related to Vedic Astrology. Each student will also receive extensive copies of their own charts.

Some of the information and techniques to be covered on the course are as follows:

  1. What Are the Nakshatras?
  2. Two Prevalent Calculations Used for Determining their Position and the Reasons for Using Each
  3. Meaning of Terminology Used to Define their Characteristics
  4. Understanding the Nakshatras – In-Depth Descriptions of Each Nakshatra with Examples on Their Interpretation (This Will Have Added Detail to Last Year’s Course!)
  5. Interpreting the Nakshatras through Final Dispositorship
  6. The Base 60 System and Other Systems for Judging Planetary and Nakshatra Strength
  7. The Shayanaadi Avasthas – These Are Specific Strengths for Understanding Planetary and Nakshatra Effects! They are Determined Using Nakshatras and Birth Name!)
  8. Using Tara Bala in an Intrerpretative Capacity
  9. How to Interpret the Nakshatras in the Varga Charts
  10. Interpreting the Nakshatras Using Shayanaadi Avasthas, Planetary Strength and Vimshottari Dasa
  11. Understanding the House Cusps through the Nakshatras
  12. Plus More!

To register for this course, please click on the appropriate button for the option you desire. A Shopping Bag will appear in the upper left. Please click on the bag to make your payment. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make contact. I will need the following information for the compilation of your charts. Please Contact Me in order to send it!

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time of Birth (if known)
  • Location of Birth

I hope you will join us!




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Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy

‘When you consult an astrologer about your life path at the age of 64 as I did, you have a long path behind you and can verify whether the insights and recommendations of the astrologer make sense. Michael Reed was spot on. I actually had already done some things that he recommended with very good results. He has given me the confidence to change my life at this age and now I am happily planning for the future. He is an example of how astrology can really help people.’

T.J.B., California, United States

‘I just received and watched the reading today. Thank you so much! You hit everything spot on for me and have given me fresh inspiration and confirmation on my goals. I really enjoyed listening to it and you answered all my questions in a very grounded, holistic way that I really resonate with. I really like the pre-recorded video method that you do because it lets you lay everything out from start to finished without getting off track. But I would love have a conversation with you at some point also, if time permits.’

Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy

‘Most astrology courses offer material that can be found in textbooks. The added value is that the teacher connects the dots. Michael Reed’s courses are different. He offers material that is not available anywhere – because it is the result of years of personal experience. He then makes his students attempt to connect the dots on their own, ensuring that they understand the reasoning behind the connections. And when you think you have understood, then he comes out with another angle to it, because, as he modestly says, teachers are not always automatically right: there is no absolute right and wrong. He wants his students to try many techniques and make up their own mind as to what is best. These are courses for the serious student who is really willing to invest time and effort in learning astrology – and reap the rewards in terms of astrological wisdom.’

Mrs P.K. Panglea, United Kingdom

‘Michael Reed is very knowledgeable and a master at astrology. His reading was thoroughly researched and deeply informative. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.
Michael had a gentle manner of giving me the difficult truth that I needed to hear. I appreciated his “no fluff” approach and telling it like it is! The information he provided was very much appreciated and invaluable.
I am grateful to have found a brilliantly skilled astrologer.’

Lori S., San Francisco Bay Area, USA

’I forgot to mention when we spoke how accurate your reading for me was in December. Back then you mentioned that something would occur on January 1 specific to my consulting business. At the time I heard this, its not that I doubted you, but I thought it would be unlikely I would hear something on January 1st, mainly because it is a holiday. But sure enough, I did find myself speaking with a new client on that exact day, when he officially offered me a short term project! Just thought you’d like to know…have a great day!’


S.M., Los Angeles, California, USA

’Hi Michael! Just thought I share with you that my car keys were found in the trunk of my sister’s car on the 16th of February. The reading says I’ll find it by the 20th.’


S.T., Canada

‘Thank you, you are such a gifted astrologer and i will definitely work with you again!’

C.L., San Francisco Bay Area, USA

’Thank you so much for the consultation. I truly appreciate your counseling and insight and in helping me to recognize through Vedic Astrology what is going on in my life. My session with you was quite therapeutic and I felt safe in sharing some very deeply painful childhood experiences. Your counseling and healing sessions gave me the strength to finally face these difficulties, and to seek help to eradicate the hurt and pain and searching all these years.’


K.J., India

’Thank you for yesterday. You seemed almost like an oracle. Thank you for giving me some new keys to fit into my old issues.’



’Just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your time and the reading. It helped me to understand myself better. I am trying to address my feelings much more positively. I was mad at my brother over the weekend and for the first time I could handle my anger better by informing him clearly what bothered me and what has hurt me. There was no emotional drama just simple discussion and at the end I felt very peaceful. I have started meditating too which is helping. I am looking forward to the copy of the video file and the mantras you think would help me address my emotions better.’


M.M., Cork, Ireland

’Talking to you yesterday was in itself like a healing process :) I really appreciate the time you gave me .. I will stay in touch with you.. if ever I feel the need for guidance. I was very satisfied with your analysis. I will pass on your astrological service details to my friends as well, in case they feel the need to have some direction in their life :)
Also I wanted to tell you that, I spoke to my Mom day before yesterday regarding my horoscope reading done by you.. and even she felt that I sounded very calm and composed after talking to you.. I was very restless before and was blaming myself for not being able to settle.. its miraculous that I had a horoscope reading. May be it was God’s way of telling me that I need to be at peace and accept myself and right things will happen at the right time. So, I really thank you for being that divine voice and conveying the message! Thank you once again!’


Kia, London

You perform fine art; it should be hung in galleries all over the world.’


B.A, Wisconsin

I wanted to let you know this couldn’t have been more accurate if you were one of my best friends & knew all about my every day.’


Bridgett, Wisconsin

‘I wanted to tell you this was so right on and helped me see that I am not failing in this frustrating time but in the lesson. This helped me feel less angry with myself and the way things sit in my life. This short report brought me some peace of mind and came right on time. I will surely be setting up a consultation soon. Thank you.’


Derek, Utah

Thank You so much. That was enormously helpful. Probably the best astrology reading I’ve had. Very much appreciated.’


Cory, California

I appreciated the way that the consultation was approached as a very human interaction in which it was very apparent that we were both going to get the most out of having a discussion around the different things that came up in the reading. The fact that it was approached in such a way made the reading feel much more comfortable, and I am sure that I was able to get a lot more worthwhile information because of the organic and intuitive way in which I was approached. This was my first introduction to astrology of any kind and it definitely opened my mind to a lot of different things about myself and how I relate to the world I live in. This experience has proven to be very positive for me and I am glad I was introduced to astrology through this particular source. I will definitely consider consulting through this site again for different perspectives and fresh ideas.’


D.S., Suburbs of New York City

’Michael Reed is good at what he does – he listens with an intent mind and offers feedback without trying to impose a belief system on you.

Notably, I experienced several deeply relaxed states in the days following my second session with Michael.’


D.S. Seoul, South Korea

My sense from reading your essays on your site is that if any astrologers can be really honest, sincere and forthcoming, …. it would be you.’

Michael Reed Astrology on Twitter