NEW! Living Well- A Live Medical Astrology Webinar Course with Michael Reed

This course is closed to further registration. Page remains open for trimesterly payments from students already attending. Look for all new Webinars through the Webinar Course Page!

Health is Wealth! A prosperous life has as its cornerstone the health of the body! Without a healthy body, the path that we each walk cannot be bolstered by a strong support. Hence success of that path, including emotional security and mental well-being, are diminished! The body is a temple through which the Divine within each of us is able to do its work! And it is important to our evolution that we keep that temple sacred!

In 2019, I am finally getting around to the Medical Astrology Course I have been promising! This Live Webinar Course is 44 weeks in length. Fee for the course paid in full is $899 and at $329 per trimester. Second Trimester Fees due by 30th June, 2019 and and Third Trimester by 13th October, 2019.

Each class is recorded to video and made available for download and reference. So if you have to miss classes, there is no problem with catching up with the material. Along with the videos of each class, powerpoint documents with class notes will be made available.

Here is a recent YouTube video on one of the concepts that will be covered on the course, the parent-child relationship of Sun and Saturn. But there is so much more we will be covering! So, please be sure to read on!

Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here.This course will be taught over consecutive Saturdays starting 23rd March, 2019 and will continue through 29th February, 2020. We will be taking a break for the holiday season with our final class before the holidays being 16th November, 2019 and we will resume classes on 4th January, 2020. Class time will be from 6:30-8 pm London Time. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit . This time has been chosen with International consideration. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology is recommended.

Some of the topics to be covered on this course are as follows:

  • The Planets Connected to Each of the Organ Systems
  • The 12 Body Sections that are Connected to the 12 Rasis and Bhavas
  • Astrology as it is Associated with the Glands, Vital and Non-Vital Organs and the Sense Organs
  • Shad Bala-the Strength of the Planets and How it Ties in with Judging Health
  • How the Nodes Rahu and Ketu Indicate Fated Health Issues, Poisons and Bacteria
  • Nutrition and the Planets
  • The Three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha astrologically
  • The Seven Tissues of the Body (Saptadhatus)
  • Predicting Health
  • Judging Mental Health in the Horoscope, including Planetary Yogas
  • The Rasas (Tastes) and the Planets
  • Astrology and Meridians
  • Five Element Theory
  • Plus Much More

To register for this course, please click on the button below. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make Contact.
I hope you will join us!




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