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New! Jaimini Astrology Level 1 Video Course

Michael Reed, Counselling Astrologer
Jaimini Astrology Excels at Indicating the Concrete Experiences of an Individual’s Life. It is simultaneously one of the simplest techniques for chart interpretation in existence and also one of the most accurate…once you know how to work with it! That is the purpose of this course where we will be approaching as many of the four sections of the first chapter of Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras as we possibly can with the remainder to be followed up with on a Level 2 Course next year. I want to take time with these sutras and provide many examples so that the techniques become firm for students of the course!

Whereas other texts have become adultered with ‘cookbook’ techniques and yogas (planetary combinations) that do not always work, Jaimini Sutras contains techniques for knowing many of the important concrete things of an individual’s life, such as number of children, whether or not they will get married, career, the type of homes they will live in, etc. These techniques actually do work and to a high level of accuracy. This in addition to the simplicity and accuracy with which Jaimini’s Dasa system will allow an astrologer to predict. On the first level of this course, we will initially learn how to work with two of these Dasas. Companion text for the course is Ernst Wilhelm’s Upadesa Sutras Raw Volume 1. This will need to be purchased separately.

This course may be purchased in sections available for immediate download containing anywhere between 3-6 classes each and priced accordingly between $45-$65. I apologise for not being able to make each section uniform. It is due to digital download file size restrictions. Alternatively, you can purchase the course in full for $449 and receive a link to the folder containing the course videos within 24 hours if that is more suitable. If you register for next year’s Jaimini Level 2 Course, you receive a 15% discount on this video course either by sections or in full. Contact me for details of how to take advnatage of that!

Here are some of the things that are covered over the duration of the course.

  1. Svamsa
  2. Career determination
  3. Fundamentals of Rasi Aspects and Jaimini’s Chara Karakas
  4. Natural or Naisargika Karakas as per Jaimini (Many are different than Parashara)
  5. Jaimini’s Padas
  6. Caranavamsa Dasa
  7. Aya Dasa
  8. Determining Career
  9. Determining Capability in Career
  10. Determining Type of Home
  11. Determining Passion and Dharma
  12. Courage and will
  13. Moksha and spiritual development
  14. Capacity to be a Healer
  15. Disease tendency
  16. Authorship
  17. Intelligence
  18. Speech
  19. Blindness

To register for this course, please make make payment through one of the options listed below.

I hope you will join us!

Jaimini Level 1 Course – Full Course Purchase (Please allow 24 hours to receive link to Course Cloud Folder upon purchase)


Jaimini Level 1 Video Course Part 1 (Available for immediate download) – Classes 1-3. On Part 1 of the course, we discuss the code in which Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras is written. We then proceed to a discussion of the theory behind Rasi aspects, what they are and how they work. Part 1 finishes with the concept of Argala, it’s importance and how to work with it. Additionally, we discuss Virodhina, which is how Argala is blocked!



Jaimini Level 1 Video Course Part 2 (Available for immediate download) – Classes 4-8. On Part 2 of the course, we continue our discussion of Argala and Obstruction. We then explore Jaimini’s Sutra on the Cara Karakas and how to find them. Class 7 continues with Jaimini’s version of the Naisargika (Natural) Karakas, of which there are different planets than the traditional version. This is well worth learning as these, I have found, are much more accurate. We also discuss Jaimini’s rule on counting forward or reverse. Class 8 continues with a discussion on how to find the Pada for any Rasi.



Jaimini Level 1 Video Course Part 3 (Available for immediate download) – Classes 9-13. In Class 9, we continue with our discussion on the Pada. We review our work with Argala and proceed with Jaimini’s Sutra on how the Rasis are named by numbers and Jaimini’s reference to authoritatiove works. In Class 10, we review Padas and Argala further and begin Jaimini’s Sutras on the Svamsa, which is the Rasi holding the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa. These chapters contain priceless information on the Rasis not found elsewhere. In Class 11 we discuss the Svamsa in Aries and Taurus. In Class 12 we discuss the Svamsa in Gemini, Cancer and Leo. And in Class 13 we discuss the Svamsa in Virgo, Libra ans Scorpio. We work with examples of all of these placements!



Jaimini Level 1 Video Course Part 4 (Available for immediate download) – Classes 14-18. In Class 14-18, we continue our exploration of the Svamsa positions with examples of each. We also begin to explore how to work with Caranavamsa Dasa. In Class 14 we cover Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Class 15 resumes with Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. In Class 16, we begin to learn the fundamentals of how to work with Caranavamsa Dasa. Class 17 contiunes with this and in Class 18 we explore how to work with the Maha Dasa and Antardasa together in Caranavamsa!


More sections to be uploaded in the days to come. Check back soon!



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