So let’s say for instance that you are looking at a horoscope and you notice the fourth and the seventh houses getting set off like fireworks! The 4th can mean everything from home to mother, plus much more. The seventh can be related to foreign countries and relationships. So, what are you to make out from this? Will the individual be moving in with his girlfriend? Or, will he live abroad? Will his mother be abroad at the time in question? We need more depth in order to determine these things. And certainly we may find more in the main chart, or rasi chart as it is also called. But if we want to be more conclusive, we have to look elsewhere. And the vargas, or divisional charts of Vedic Astrology are precisely where we need to look for more information. What’s that? You don’t know how to read the vargas? Well, soon you will if you take this course. Each varga has a variety of uses. And in this course, you will learn a practical system with which to pull information from the varga charts in order to further substantiate the information you see in the Rasi chart.

This course was taught from late Winter 2017 to early Summer 2018 and has now been released as a video course. Each class is approximately 90 minutes in length. The course is 61 classes long. It will be released in parts over the course of the coming weeks. Each Part contains not only the Videos, but also Power Point Notes for Referral and Learning Facilitation. Purchase of the course grants you membership in my Astrological Forum so that if you have questions, you may post them there. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology is recommended.

Here is a General Overview of the Course. Below that is a Video Listing for Each Part of the Course that is Currently Available Along with a Button to Purchase That Part Directly Below. At the Top is a Button for Full Payment. Files for the course are available for immediate download. Should you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to Contact Me.

  1. What Are the Vargas?
  2. Mathematical Indications of the Vargas
  3. Grouping of the Vargas
  4. An Introduction to the Lajjitaadi Avasthas (A Course within a Course!)
  5. How to Interpret the Shodasavargas, The 16 Vargas Indicated in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
  6. The Critical Houses in Each Varga
  7. The Critical Planet in Each Varga
  8. Using the Varga Deities in Interpretation
  9. How to Relate the Varga Charts to Each Other in a Reading
  10. Plus More!


Part 1
This part of the course explains the mathematical fundamentals behind the Varga Chart System, shortly touches on the critical Bhavas in each varga chart and begins an exploration of the avasthas listed in Chapter 45 of BPHS which are fundamental to predicting well with the vargas. In short, there is a course within a course here on prediction!

  1. Intro and Overview
  2. Calculations
  3. Critical Bhavas
  4. Avasthas
  5. Avasthas Continued
  6. Avasthas and Shad Bala


    Part 2
    This part of the course begins an exploration of the Lajjitaadi Avasthas, which although I now use these more for understanding the psychological impact of certain times, they are also important from a predictive standpoint! We then begin to explore many of the fundamentals of predicting well using the vargas.

    1. Avasthas Examples and Lajjitaadi Avasthas
    2. Lajjitaadi Avasthas Continued
    3. Finding Avasthas
    4. Rasi Aspects in Depth
    5. Review and Anthony Hopkins Example
    6. More on Avasthas and Edgar Degas Example


      Part 3
      In this part of the course, I explain how to work with mutual agenda of the planets, an important concept to learn in regard to predicting with the Vargas. We then begin our exploration of the Vargas, Critical Houses, Critical Planets and of Course the Varga Deities starting with the Rasi (D1), Hora (D2) and Drekkana (D3).

      1. Mutual Planetary Agenda
      2. Planetary Agenda Continued and Rasi Chart
      3. Rasi Chart Continued and Hora
      4. Hora Continued
      5. Drekkana


        Part 4
        In Part 4 of the Course, We Continue with the Drekkana Chart (D3), Explore the Chaturthamsa (D4), Review Rasi-Chaturthamsa, Learn How to Work with the Saptamsa (D7) for Both Children and Relationships, plus begin our Foray into the Navamsa

        1. Drekkana (D3) Continued
        2. Chaturthamsa (D4)
        3. Review of Rasi-Chaturthamsa D1-D4
        4. Saptamsa (D7)
        5. Saptamsa Continued
        6. Saptamsa Continued and Navamsa (D9)


          Part 5
          In Part 5, We Continue Working with the Navamsa Learning How to Predict Marriage, Start our exploration of the Dasamsa (D10), Learn How to Determine the Strength of a Planet through the Avasthas and Dignity, and Begin to Explore the Dvadasamsa (D12)

          1. Navamsa and Predicting Marriage
          2. Finding a Planet’s Strength Using Avasthas and Dignity
          3. Navamsa Continued and Dasamsa (D10)
          4. Dasamsa Continued
          5. Dasamsa and Dvadasamsa (D12)


            Part 6
            In Part 6 of the Course, We continue Exploring How to Work with the Dvadasamsa (D12). After that, We Delve into the Chart Responsible for Vehicles, Mobility, And the Things That Get Us through Life Thereby Supporting Our Happiness. This is the Shodamsa (D16) Chart! We Finish Part Six by Beginning the Understand the Vimsamsa (D20), which is the Varga for Spiritual Devotion!

            1. Dvadasamsa (D12) Continued
            2. Dvadasamsa (D12) Final and Shodamsa (D16)
            3. Shodamsa (D16) Continued
            4. Vimsamsa (D20)


              Part 7
              The Vimsamsa (D20) Contains 40 Deities, So it Took Us a While to Get Through This One. The Entirety of Part 7 is Devoted to the Varga of Spiritual Devotion!

              1. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued
              2. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued
              3. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued
              4. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued
              5. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued


                Part 8
                In Part 8 of the Varga Video Course, We Complete Our Exploration of the Vimsamsa (D20) and Review Some of the Divisional Charts We Have Worked with Thus Far for Review. We The Start Working with the Varga of Understanding the Siddhamsa/Chaturvimsamsa (D24). And, We Finish Part 8 With the Bhamsa (D27) the Varga of Using Our Strength to Overcome Challenges and Winning Battles. This Varga is Key for Matters of Litigation!

                1. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued and Practice with Vargas
                2. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued and Information on Self-Related Factors
                3. Vimsamsa (D20) Deities Continued
                4. Siddhamsa (D24)
                5. Siddhamsa (D24) Continued
                6. Siddhamsa (D24) Continued and Bhamsa (D27)


                  Part 9
                  In Part 9 of the Course, We Complete Our Exploration of the Bhamsa Chart (D27) and Start Our Exploration of the D30, the Trimsamsa, which is Used to Understand Fatalities and Health, Including How We apply Our Intelligence to These Things. We Then Begin to Explore the Khavedamsa, or (D40), Which is Used to Judge the Auspicious and Inauspicious Events in Life!

                  1. Bhamsa Continued (D27)
                  2. Bhamsa Continued (D27)
                  3. Trimsamsa (D30)
                  4. Trimsamsa (D30) Continued and the Khavedamsa (D40)


                    Part 10
                    In Part 10, We Continue Working with the Khavedamsa (D40), Learning How to Judge Auspiscious and Inauspicious Events in Any Area of Life. We Introduce the Akshavedamsa (D45) WHich Can Help Us to See the Purposeful Pursuits of Life and We Begin to Explore the Shastiamsa (D60) and the Shastiamsa Deities. The Shastiamsa Can Be Examined for Confirmation of Everything. It Shows the Deeper Karmic Patterns of the Horoscope and Thereby Shows How High or Low the Ceiling is On Everything.

                    1. Continuation of Khavedamsa (D40)
                    2. Khavedamsa Continued
                    3. The Akshavedamsa (D45) and Purposeful Pursuits
                    4. Akshavedamsa Continued
                    5. Shastiamsa (D60) and Shastiamsa Deities


                      Part 11
                      In Part 11, We Continue With the Shastiamsa (D60) Deities, Explain the Uses of the Shastiamsa for Confirmation and I begin to Introduce the Karmic Analysis Technique!

                      1. Shastiamsa (D60) Deities Continued and Karmic Analysis Technique
                      2. Karmic Analysis Continued
                      3. Karmic Analysis Continued
                      4. Karmic Analysis Continued


                        Part 12
                        In the 12th and Final Part of the Course, We Complete the Explanation of the Karmic Analysis Technique and reach the End of the Course!

                        1. Karmic Analysis Continued
                        2. Karmic Analysis Continued
                        3. Karmic Analysis Continued
                        4. Karmic Analysis Continued
                        5. Karmic Analysis Final



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