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Due to popular demand, I have decided to schedule a course on Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu Dasa periods are often the most tumultuous and confusing times of life. Most clients approaching astrologers do so when experiencing a period related to one of these points. Why is this? One reason is that the nodes are the points that create eclipses. They either represent areas which we are familiar with but unclear on how to further develop as in the case of Ketu. Or, areas which are obscured from our view and therefore unfamiliar, but direly in need of development as is the case with Rahu. Equally, the nodes act as a focalising point for all of the karma indicated in the chart. There is a profound amount of influences on these two points either through rulership, conjunction or aspect. So, there will be wild ups and downs during these periods. These dasa periods are the most difficult times for an astrologer to interpret correctly due to this. But, there are many different techniques which can aid the astrologer in doing so. This course on the nodes is intended to help astrologers, whether professional or hobbyists to excel at doing so.

This course was taught from Spring 2017 to early Summer 2018 and has now been released as a video course. Each class is approximately 90 minutes in length. The course is 49 classes long. It will be released in parts over the course of the coming weeks. Each Part contains not only the Videos, but also Power Point Notes for Referral and Learning Facilitation. Purchase of the course grants you membership in my Astrological Forum so that if you have questions, you may post them there. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology is recommended.

Here is a General Overview of the Course. Below is a Video Listing for Each Part of the Course Along with a Button to Purchase That Part Directly Below. At the Top is a Button for Full Payment. Files for the course are stored on a private cloud folder. Upon purchase, please allow up to 24 hours to receive the link which will enable you to download the videos to your device (after all, I may be sleeping!). Many times it will only be a few hours. Should you have any questions prior to purchasing, please feel free to Contact Me.

Some of the information and techniques to be covered on the course are as follows:

  • Understanding the Nodes Astronomically
  • The Mythology and Symbolism of the Nodes
  • The Several Methods in which the Nodes are Calculated
  • An Introduction to the Lajjitaadi Avasthas (A Course within a Course!)
  • Understanding the Nodes in the Rasis (Signs)
  • Rahu and Ketu through the Bhavas (Houses)
  • The Importance of When the Nodes Mature
  • The Influence of the Planets upon the Nodes
  • Rahu and Ketu in the Nakshatras
  • Predicting Rahu and Ketu’s Dasas
  • Karmic Analysis using the Shastiamsa (D60)
  • Karmic Analysis using the Dvadasamsa (D12)
  • Karmic Analysis in the Rasi Chart (D1)
  • Plus More!


Part 1 In Part 1, we start our exploration of Rahu and Ketu through understanding both the astronomy and symbolism. We then move on to the important connection betweenthe Nodes, Saturn and Mars. We finish this portion of the course with a couple of classes on the avasthas, which help us to more deeply understand the nodes and how they are likely to behave due to their dispositors.

  1. Introduction and Astronomy of the Nodes
  2. Mythology of the Nodes
  3. Rahu Sanivat, Ketu Kujavat
  4. Rahu Sanivat, Ketu Kujavat Examples
  5. Deeptaadi Avasthas
  6. Lajjitaadi Avasthas


    Part 2 In Part 2, we finish our discussion of the Lajjitaadi Avasthas and begin to learn how the nodes behave in the Rasis all the way up to Leo/Aquarius axis. Part 3 of the course will continue with Virgo/Pisces

    1. Lajjitaadi Avasthas Continued
    2. Avasthas Influence to the Nodes
    3. Nodes in Aries/Libra
    4. Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio
    5. Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius
    6. Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn
    7. Nodes in Leo/Aquarius


      Part 3 In Part 3 of the course, we continue Rahu and Ketu through the signs with a discussion of the nodes in the Virgo/Pisces Axis. We then proceed with the nodes through the houses all the way through the nodes in the 4th/10th axis.

      1. Nodes in Virgo/Pisces
      2. Nodes in the 1st/7th
      3. Nodes in the 2nd/8th
      4. Nodes in the 2nd/8th Continued
      5. Nodes in the 3rd/9th
      6. Nodes in 4th/10th


        Part 4 In Part 4 of the course, we continue discussing the Nodes through the houses with Rahu and Ketu in the 5th/11th axis and 6th/12th axis. We then talk about the interaction between the Nodes and the Planets, have an extra Q&A class. And we then finish the series of classes with and understanding of Planets conjuncting Rahu.

        1. Nodes in the 5th/11th
        2. Nodes in the 6th/12th
        3. Rahu and Ketu interacting with the Planets Part 1
        4. Rahu and Ketu interacting with the planets Part 2
        5. Special Bonus Class Q&A
        6. The Planets Conjuncting Rahu


          Part 5 In Part 5 of the course, we begin our discussion of the Nodes through the Nakshatras Ashwini through Hasta.

          1. Nodes in Ashwini and Bharani
          2. Nodes in Bharani and Krittika
          3. Nodes in Rohini and Mrigasira
          4. Nodes in Ardra and Punarvasu
          5. Nodes in Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha
          6. Nodes in Magha and Purva Phalguni
          7. Nodes in Uttara Phalguni and Hasta


            Part 6 In Part 6 of the course, we begin our discussion of the Nodes through the Nakshatras Hasta through Sravana.

            1. Nodes in Hasta, Chitra and Swati
            2. Nodes in Vishakha and Anuradha
            3. Questions and Nodes in Anuradha and Jyeshtha
            4. Nodes in Jyeshtha, Mula and Purva Ashadha
            5. Nodes in Purva Ashadha, Uttara Ashadha and Sravana


              Part 7 In Part 7 of the course, we conclude our discussion of the Nodes through the Nakshatras Sravana through Revati. We then dsicuss the meaning and use of the Shastiamsa Deities and start our exploration of the Karmic Analysis technique.

              1. Nodes in Sravana and Dhanishtha
              2. Nodes in Shatabhishak and Purva Bhadrapada
              3. Nodes in Uttara Bhadrapada and Revati
              4. Shastiamsa Deities
              5. Shastiamsa Deities Continued and Karmic Analysis Beginning


                Part 8 In Part 8 of the course, we continue working with the Karmic Analysis technique.

                1. Karmic Analysis Continued
                2. Karmic Analysis Continued
                3. Karmic Analysis Continued
                4. Karmic Analysis Continued


                  Part 9 In Part 9 of the course, we continue working with and conclude the Karmic Analysis technique.

                  1. Karmic Analysis Continued
                  2. Karmic Analysis Continued
                  3. Karmic Analysis Final



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