michaelprofileRegistration is Still Open on This Course for Those Who Wish to Join and Catch Up with the Class Recordings. Registration Will Close 2nd April!

The planets are living, conscious entities. They have personalities and behave in certain manners. When they express themselves through the rasis (signs), which are the limbs of Kala Purusha or time personified, their actions have a concrete effect creating events in different areas of our lives which compel us to work through our unique karma. When we understand astrology as such an organic process, astrology suddenly makes more sense! I have been asked a lot if I teach a beginner’s course on astrology and this is the class everyone has been asking for!

This course will be taught over consecutive Sundays starting 18th March, 2018 and will continue through 24th February, 2019, with extra classes potentially being added. If they are added, no extra fee will be charged for the course. We will be taking a break for the holiday season with our final class before the holidays being 18th November, 2018 and we will resume classes on 6th January, 2019.

Fee for the course is $899 and may be paid in full at the time of registration or by trimester at a fee of $329 per trimester. Second Trimester Fees due by 10th June, 2018 and 30th September, 2018. 

Class time will be from 6:30-8 pm London Time. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit TimeandDate.com . This time has been chosen with International consideration and in balance with my own schedule. We will be learning Vedic Astrology from the ground up.  I hope you will be able to attend!

Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here. All classes will be recorded and a copy of each class made available within  a few days of class for review by students. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you will have a video recording of the material you might have missed. Enrollment in the course entitles you to membership to my Vedic Astrology Forum where you may post questions for me to answer regarding class or any other enquiry related to Vedic Astrology. Each student will also receive extensive copies of their own charts.

Some of the information and techniques to be covered on the course are as follows:

  1. Get to know the Grahas (Planets) as Conscious Entities with Unique Personalities
  2. Understanding the Grahas (Planets) as Producers and Causers
  3. The Rasis as Unconscious Limbs (Body Parts) of the Cosmic Being. They need Consciousness in or aspecting them to bear their fruits.
  4. The more finite focus of the Rasis through Equal House System and House Cusps
  5. The Nakshatras as the Growers of Consciousness
  6. Dignity and Deeptaadi Avasthas ( How a Planet feels when it acts and how it makes the individual feel)
  7. Balaadi Avasthas – The maturity of the Grahas
  8. Jagradadi Avasthas – The Awareness of the Grahas
  9. Vimshottari Dasas and Dasa Levels – What’s Happening and How it Happens
  10. Aspects – Rasi Aspects and Planetary Aspects
  11. A simple understanding of the Vargas
  12. This is only a portion of what is to be covered as we will be learning astrology from the foundation!


To register for this course, please click on the appropriate button for the option you desire. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make contact. I will need the following information for the compilation of your charts. Please Contact Me in order to send it!

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time of Birth (if known)
  • Location of Birth

I hope you will join us!




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